Slovakia Top Sites for Instruments And Supplies

    Microscope World

    Offers online sales for professionals and students, with customer resources and articles to download. Carlsbad, California.

    Offers compound and stereo microscopes, cameras, and accessories.

    STU Scientific

    Obchodná spoločnosť STU Scientific, s. r. o., vznikla 29. januára 2008 ako špecializované pracovisko Slovenskej technickej univerzity v Bratislave.

    Meiji Techno Microscopes

    Main U.S. distributor site. Meiji Techno is the third-largest optical microscope manufacturer in Japan. They offer educational, industrial, and laboratory microscopes via dealers worldwide.


    Offers new, used, surplus and refurbished equipment, as well as rental and repair services.


    Used lab equipment pricing and products archive with over 100,000 scientific equipment listings. The first place to look for new and used scientific products!