South Africa Top Sites for Animal Products And Service

    The Petition Site

    A petition creation site with an environmental focus. Petitions submitted are reviewed by staff for relevance and quality before being posted to the site. Precedence is given to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

    Cesars Way

    World-renowned dog behavior specialist, Cesar Millan, is known for his ability to rehabilitate canines from aggression, fear, territorial, and other extreme behavioral issues. Learn about his methods, success stories, and how you too can b...

    ARKive : Images of Life on Earth

    An extensive collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species gathered into one centralised digital library.

    Pet Fashion CZ s.r.o.

    Rogz - The World's coolest pet gear! Check out the site to see why so many Rogz groupies worldwide are hooked...

    Defenders of Wildlife

    Organization dedicated to the preservation of all wild animals and native plants in their natural community. Provides action alerts and information.

    Vet Products Online

    Vet Products Online - pet and farm animal requirements including scheduled drugs, pet care products and veterinary supplies.

    Pet Systems South Africa

    PET CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS SA - APPROVED IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF PETSAFE, STAYWELL, SPORTDOG, INNOTEK, MULTIVET, LOC8TOR & CONTECH PRODUCTS – SINCE 2004.We know that your pets are part of the family. They deserve the same safety, freedom, comfort a

    Dorry Pets - Home

    DorryPets, specialist in Marine tanks, Tropical planted tanks, Custom tank builds, Aquarium maintenance.

    Welcome to Catbox Pet Hyper

    Cat Box Pet Hyper sells the widest range of dog and cat foods guarenteed to satify youre pets nutritional needs! We also import Bento Kronen, a premium quality dog & cat food from Belgium which is only available from one of our fine stores.We also stock w


    Marltons Pets and Products are manufacturers and distributors of leading pet care and pet product accessories

    Drs. Foster and Smith PetEducation

    Information on dog, cat, and other pet health, behavior, nutrition, training and animal care tips provided by veterinarians. | Home | InfoVet

    InfoVet is a custom program with online tools and resources for your veterinary clinic and clients.. InfoVet

    Doctors Foster and Smith

    Medical, nutritional and health-related products, and supplies for cats, dogs and other pets. Also products for pets with problems with their bones or joints.

    Taming and training videos by Chet Womach.

    Animal Corner

    Animal facts and information about animals including pets, wildlife, rainforests, farm animals, Galapagos Wildlife, Marine Animals, Venomous and endangered animals, also animal pictures and animal games.

    This handsome, well-sculpted, graceful animal is a loyal family companion and one of the most exuberant breeds around. Canine clown and court jester are names that have oft been used to describe this jovial, outgoing breed that is highly valued as an affe

    | Support for IT Professionals

    Third Tier provides IT support services to IT Professionals. Whether you need some assistance resolving a problem or an extra hand with a project we're

    Rhino Resource Center

    Provides a searchable database of information on the rhinoceros. Also contains a Rhino Forum, Rhino Images, Rhino Species information on the Black, White, Indian, Sumatran and javan Rhino.


    Online Petshop - The biggest online pet shop in south africa!


    Solutions and products offered for healthy and happy pets. Includes store information, customer reviews, services, product and pet related content.