South Korea Top Sites for Law And Government

    Seoul Metropolitan Government

    Official site with cultural events, news, and tourism information. In Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.


    병무행정 및 지방병무청 안내, 병역이행, 입영일자 조회, 모병 및 민원안내

    Korea Customs Service

    With information on Korean exports, imports, customs, enforcement, traveler information, customs free zone, and incentives to FDI in Korea.


    법원소개, 민원안내, 판례속보, 사건검색,재판정보, 판례 및 재판의 종합법률정보 검색.



    메인메뉴와 하위메뉴 생략하고 본문으로 바로가기 메인메뉴를 생략하고 하위메뉴로 바로 가기 사회,경제,정치,문화 등 다양한 분야에서의 우리나라 현 위치를 보여주는 서비스 통계자료를 GIS 기술과 융합한 새로운 통계 정보서비스 통계자료를 선택하여 직접...

    NASA Langley Research Center

    Established in 1917 as the first national civil aeronautics laboratory, Langley has become a comprehensive, world-class center for aeronautics, atmospheric sciences and space technology.

    U.S. Army

    News, career information, publications, photographs, and links to other Army and Department of Defense sites.

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    Features legal and procedural information, news and statistics, and publications and forms for all aspects of Canadian immigration, including independent immigration, family-sponsored immigration, temporary work authorization, NAFTA and GATS work visas, a

    힘이되는 평생친구, 보건복지부

    스킵네비게이션 자주가는 메뉴를 최대 5개까지 설정하실 수 있습니다. 4대 중증 질환 의료보장성 강화 암,심장질환,뇌혈관 질환,희귀난치성 질환- 자세히보기 4대 중증질환 치료, 모두 건강보험으로 해결한다 암, 심장, 뇌혈관, 희귀난치질환 4대 중증...



    U.S. Department of State

    Information about the department, its officials, and foreign affairs activities; also webpages for regular and special programs, consulates, and materials about geography, travel, foreign policy, and related topics.

    Ministry of Environment

    Provides history of the MOE, its policies, and recent Korean environmental and urban news.

    Ministry of Legislation

    Examines legislative bills from the executive branch, and acts to protect citizens from infringements from administrative agencies.

    Republic of Korea Air Force

    Official site providing introduction and information about the organization, history, training, missions, photos, and Korean-manufactured aircraft.

    Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)

    Registers patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks, makes policies on trade secret protection, conducts anti-counterfeiting activities, and promotes inventions and innovation.


    Official portal to the European Union with news and information about its activities, institutions, policies and programmes. [Multi lingual]


    법률 관련 정보 서비스, 법률뉴스, 판례속보검색, 법률상식, 용어사전, 등기총람 제공.



    Korea Development Institute (KDI)

    Government sponsored think tank providing analysis and advice on government policy in macroeconomic management, money and finance, law and economics, social development, and the North Korean economy. [Korean, English]