Sri Lanka Top Sites for Ethnic And Regional

    Exotic India

    One stop resource for Indian Jewelry and Art, Textiles, Culture, Religion, and Philosphy.

    Indian groceries, CDs, DVDs and health products.

    Dolls of India

    Indian art items - Indian paintings, wooden statues, brass sculptures, posters and reprints. Also find affordable jewelry, Indian costumes like Saris and Kurtas and fashion accessories like bags and Bindis.


    Handmade arts, crafts, jewelry and linens, from around the world.

    Elo7 | Produtos Fora de Série

    Aqui você compra diretamente de milhares de artesãos que transformam ideias criativas em produtos únicos e personalizados

    Matkatus | Ethnic Elegance

    Matkatus, the word is a combination of two distinct varieties of silk, Matka and Tussar. Matkatus was born out of the passion for ethnic Indian crafts and t