United Kingdom Top Sites for Miniatures

    Cool Mini or Not

    The largest publicly-submitted miniature picture gallery on the Internet. Also has a range of user contributed articles on painting and an active forum.


    Reaper Miniatures, Inc.

    Producers of Dark Heaven 25mm fantasy, Warlord 25mm fantasy CAV (Combat Assault Vehicle,) Pro Paints and accessory products.



    WarSeer.com was launched in late March 2005 after the fall of PORTENT.NET to act as a new home for the community. Ever since the site has been dedicated to reviews, news and discussion about Games Workshop products and any other gaming system we find inte


    Bits and kits UK

    Sells bits online for Warhammer, Warhammer 40000 and specialist games.


    Perry Miniatures

    Official site of the Perry twins, Games Workshop's renowned sculptors, which carries a specialist historical figure range.


    Heresy Miniatures

    Small selection of multi-part kit miniatures, more suited to the collector, and ideal for those who like dioramas.


    Blood of Kittens

    Humor, News, Meta, and all things Warhammer 40k


    Librarium Online

    Has forums, advice and hints on buying and painting miniatures and user-submitted galleries. Portal with topical message boards, galleries and links, as well as downloads, reviews and stories set in the Games Workshop worlds.


    The Round Table of Bretonnia

    The Round Table - a community site dedicated to the army of Bretonnia in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, featuring a large article library, a growing gallery, a vivid discussion board and much more!



    Sells single plastic pieces for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000.



    Discuss latest rumours, tactics, painting and conversions.


    Warhammer Warmachine Malifaux Vallejo

    15% off Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer and Lord Of The Rings. £2.99 fixed UK delivery. Full range stocked by an authorised Games Workshop retailer


    Pendraken Miniatures

    Manufacturers of a selection of 10mm wargaming figurines, with accessories and scenic items also available.


    e-Minis. Hacemos diferente cada ejercito

    e-Minis pretende hacer llegar al mayor número posible de aficionados la diversidad que existe en el mundo de las miniaturas y juegos a precios reducidos


    Junior General Home Page

    Promoting the use of historical simulations as a tool for teaching history. Free resources anyone can use.


    Victrix - Home

    Fine Quality Hard Plastic Miniatures


    The Society of Ancients

    An international amateur society for the promotion of the study of ancient and medieval military history and wargaming. Information on bimonthly publication 'Slingshot', list of events and other resources.


    The Stuff Of Legends

    This site lists all the major and most of the minor manufacturers of Fantasy and Science Fiction Miniatures. It is part of the Stuff of Legends, the authorative source for information about Science Fiction and Fantasy Gaming Miniatures



    This is the basket Message 15mm.co.uk manufactures and distributes quality small scale models and figures for collectors and hobby gamers. All products are designed by leading industry sculptors and are finished and hand painted to the highest standards i


    Bugman's Brewery

    Famous fictitious brewery that includes new rules for a selection of Games Workshop games and a links section and active forum.


    Copplestone Castings

    Former Foundry sculptor Mark Copplestone's own range of miniature figures that include Darkest Africa, Future Wars and Back of Beyond pieces.


    Let The Dice Decide

    Let The Dice Decide - For all your Warhammer and 40K bits and sprues, Board games, Role Playing Games, Dice and Hobby Supplies


    Newline Design

    Manufacturers of white metal 20 and 25mm collectable miniatures covering over four different periods, including, but not limited to Ancient and Napoleonic miniatures.


    La Armada

    Comunidad dedicada a los Wargames históricos y de fantasía. Novedades del hobby, reglamentos, pintura y modelismo.


    Wargame Miniature Flags

    Downloadable flags for wargame miniatures. Many periods, suitable for all scales.


    WizKids Games

    Manufacturer of several collectable miniature games and figures including Mage Knight, MechWarrior,HeroClix, MLB SportsClix, and Pirates the Constructible Strategy Game.


    Chest of Colors - All about miniature painting

    Mastering miniature painting takes time and effort - you learn how to paint miniatures easier and faster by using our miniature painting tutorials, watching examples of painted miniatures in our galleries and discussing about painting miniatures in our fo