Uruguay Top Sites for Chemicals

    Dover Chemical

    Producer of alkyphenols, chlorinated paraffins, polymer additives, liquid and solid antioxidants (including organophosphites), flame retardants, and additives for water-based and oil-based metalworking fluids.


    Plastics Make It Possible

    Carousel Innovation of the Week Plastics from Bayer and Solvay help lighten the load on innovative airplane that crossed the country using solar power. Next



    Supplier of PIBSA based invert emulsifiers for use in the production of emulsion explosives.


    Plastic Omnium Medio Ambiente Chile - Bienvenido

    PLASTIC OMNIUM es una sociedad de prestigio internacional presente en 26 países y 4 continentes, con años de experiencia y de crecimiento rentable.Durante mas de 60 años el Grupo Plastic Omnium ha seguido una estrategia basada en el Desarrollo Sost



    The world’s largest information provider for the chemical and oil industry. We aim to help chemical companies worldwide increase their revenues and profits by providing high-quality, business critical information, sales leads and brand positioning acros



    The 4th factory in 1998 (Kwan Miao Factory) ... The year of 2002:720 units of plastic injection molding machines from Taiwan factories and 600 units from China factories. ... Pass the ISO 9001 inspection in 1997 g. Pass the CE conformity of type-examinati


    Castrol Limited

    Worldwide producers and marketers of synthetic and conventional motor oil and lubricants. Includes product and company information.