Us Virgin Islands Top Sites for Accounting

    H&R Block

    Offers online and in-person tax preparation and tax software, mortgages, brokerage and financial services, consumer tips and tax planning information.


    Offers online federal and state tax return software with e-file option.

    Institute of Management Accountants

    An association dedicated to the educating, certifying, and training management accountants and corporate financial managers around the world.

    Turbo Tax

    TurboTax is the #1 best-selling tax software. Free Edition includes free IRS efile. Easily prepare your tax return and file income taxes online.


    US software- and web-based personal income tax filing applications. Includes both free and non-free versions. is a free online resource on accounting. You can find study notes and practice questions on financial accounting and managerial accounting here.

    BNA, Inc.

    Bureau of National Affairs: a publisher of print and electronic news on health care, business, labor relations, law, economics, taxation, environmental protection, safety, and public policy and regulations.

    An online tax resource dedicated to helping people find the information, news, and forms they need to complete their taxes. Contains downloadable tax forms.

    Low Incomes Tax Reform Group

    A group that lobbies the government and the Inland Revenue to simplify tax rules and services for those on low incomes. The website contains their reports and recommendations. There are also a number of practical hints on the site for low income tax payer


    Free online financial accounting study resources for beginners.

    Journal of Accountancy

    A publication of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) focusing on the latest news and professional developments related to the field of accounting, updated daily and written for CPAs and other accounting and financial professiona

    Accounting, Financial, Tax

    Accounting, financial and tax tutorials for accountants and accounting students.


    A free database of UK tax information for accountants and the general public. It contains news, articles, specialist sections and a tax forum.