Venezuela Top Sites for Physics

    Física 1


    Max Planck Society

    Provides information on the society, the Institutes, research, documentation and multimedia. German and English.

    Physics Tutorials

    Provides free online tutorials including optics, motion, power, vectors, mechanics, momentum, heat and electrostatics.

    Physics of the Mysterious

    Arkadiusz Jadczyk is a theoretical physicist and provides his thoughts on channelling, time travel and the paradigm shift.

    The Institute of Physics

    The site for physics and physicists, including information on Institute membership and activities, online news, books, magazines and journals.


    European Laboratory for Particle Physics. Includes an introduction of the laboratory, information on experiments being conducted, publication archives, photos and press releases.

    Onlinewerkzeug zur Konvertierung physikalischer Einheiten.

    The Physics Classroom

    The Physics Classroom serves students, teachers and classrooms with easy-to-understand and ready-to-use lessons, interactive activities, and engaging curriculum.

    Aula Virtual

    Curso de mecánica de fluidos, termodinámica, y expresión gráfica para estudiantes de ingeniería y ciencias.

    LivePhysics.Com is dedicated to physics, science, space and technology news. Latest research breakthroughs and innovations, science advances and scientific discussion forum. We continuously update our contents to provide worked physics problems and exampl

    Wis Physics

    Blog de divulgacion cientifica, centrado principalmente en la fisica, la astrofisica y el pensamiento critico.

    Designing in 3D

    Home is a site I created to show off the work I have been doing in 3DS Max and Unity3D. There are quite a few interactive 3D models/Proje...

    .:: Só Física - Física On-line ::.

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    Physiker Board

    Ein Diskussionsforum für Schüler und Studenten zu den Themenbereichen Mechanik, Elektrik, Quantenphysik, Astronomie, Wärmelehre und Optik.

    Products and services are accessible through the web. ... Tutors register and prove proficiency to be listed in the directory. ... Users must be able to use the internet. Third party services or products may specify particular requirements. ... Costs to s

    Leifi Physikportal

    Es werden Aufgaben, Tests, Versuche, Materialien und Lesestoff, die den Physikunterricht ergänzen und erweitern, für die Jahrgangsstufe 5 bis 13 bereitgestellt.


    Man bietet physikalische Erklärungen zu Phänomenen in den Gebieten Elektrotechnik, Mechanik, Optik und Akustik. Weiterhin gibt es ein Forum für Fragen.

    Multimedia Physik

    Thematisch geordnete Sammlung von Links zum Thema Physik und Mathematik.


    Physics news, jobs, equipment buyer's guide, and events.

    Ricardo Silveira

    Breve repaso de los principales aspectos de la física desde el punto de vista de un aficionado a la astronomía.